12 In 12

As the 12 days of Christmas kick off, it’s time to start looking at what next year has in store. My plan: 12 different challenges in 12 months. It sounds so simple when I say it like that, but I am fully aware it’s not! They vary in intensity (or madness, depending on your perspective!) but all have the same underlying aim of inspiring others to stop saying they can’t and hopefully start to think that they can.

After completeing my Ride Across Britain in September this year, I gained a valuable gift of belief. If I could go from non-cyclist to riding my bike the length of the country in just 12 months, what else could I push myself to do? And so the idea of attempting 12 challenges in 12 months was born.

Planning the challenges itself was a bit of a chole be in itself, but I was supervised, just to make sure the list didn’t get too much! I had a few pre-booked events that friends had signed up for but other than that my calendar was largely free. They’re all centred around fitness, and range from ones you can do from the safety of your room, to organised endurance events and organinising my own event!

I want these challenges to show every one that nothing should stop them achieving their goal, if you have the thought of trying something, you can turn it into doing something. Time can be found if you get inventive with your schedule, money shouldn’t stop you from giving it a go and all the motivation you need can be found from a strong network of supporters.

The 12 days of Christmas will reveal my 12 challenges…so watch this space!


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  1. Emily says:

    So proud of you xx


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