September is THE month. The BIG challenge. It will be what the 8 months previous were all working towards – an Ironman triathlon. This will see me complete a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run all in one day!

I’m not taking part in an organised event for this one, but rather organising my own that will take me on (what will eventually be!) a familiar swim loop, on cycle routes I know and love and running through my home city of London.

An Ironman was something I wanted to achieve in 2017 but looking through various events there were 2 recurring issues – timing and cost. None of them fit with a September date and they were all very expensive. My aim in doing multiple challenges across the year is to inspire others to realise their potential and achieve their dreams, showing others that nothing should stop them from doing it, especially the cost!

I’m drawing inspiration from Angela Kirwin (or Urban Iron Woman), who I met on RAB – she completed her own Urban Iron Woman across London and has already given me some really useful tips for organising this and setting it up.

This challenge definitely won’t be easy and I won’t be alone – I’ll have friends and family either helping organise, supporting on the day or even completing parts (or all!) of it with me, and it promises to be a real highlight of the year!

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