My Inspiration

After my RAB-venture (that’s a RAB adventure for those wondering) last year, a fair few people asked “what’s next?“. I had the idea for 12 challenges in 12 months while on said RAB-venture but didn’t specifically know what it would entail.

Now I do and even I’ll admit to it being a pretty bonkers list! When people see the list or hear the challenges, the next most frequent question is “why?!” (Often in a tone of bewilderment as to why I’m choosing to do these things). 

And it’s for the same reasons I rode RAB, for the same people I rode across the country for – I wanted to inspire a nephew who lost a mother, a brother-in-law that lost a wife, a mother and father that lost a daughter, a brother that lost a sibling and anyone else that needs the boost. I want to show them that even a bad situation can be made good – that “you didn’t come this far to only come this far”.

RAB had that effect, and I keep the proof of that pinned to my notice board. The letter my nephew wrote after my ride brought tears to my eyes, but it also reminded me that my crazy efforts had had a positive effect. Those efforts had shown a young boy, who learned far too young that the world can take people from you, that good things can still come from a bad situation. 

I keep it pinned up and in sight of my turbo sessions, or where I lace up for another cold run or prep for an icy bike ride. I keep it alongside my ultimate training reminder – “You didn’t come this far, to only come this far”. These serve as my reminder to dig deep, that all of this is bigger than my desire to complete a challenge. 

Because I do enjoy it (again, feel free to question my sanity) – the training, the learning, the event itself. I love that sense of accomplishment and belief those experiences give me. But to be reminded that it’s all for a bigger purpose is so important. It’s what gets me out of bed when all I really want to do is sleep, it’s what pushes me to just run or ride or swim that little bit further (or plank that little bit longer!). 

As another motivation, I try to raise money for charity too. If my efforts can also give back to organisations that help so many people every, single day then it’s an added silver lining. I’ve seen first hand what organisations like Macmillan and St Catherine’s Hospice do for those in need with their care of my sister and support of my family afterwards. My fundraising page is up and running and will be fundraising as the year goes on! 

So watch this space – February’s 100-mile month is well underway and hopefully this post will inspire a few in need of a bit of a push!  

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