Not quite Everest

March’s Challenge didn’t quite reach the dizzying heights I was hoping. The goal was to climb 29,029 feet while on a cycling holiday in Mallorca. Unfortunately, I was some 9,129 feet off this target having climbed 19,900 feet in just 4 days. 

Close – but not quite Everest!

Why didn’t I reach this specific goal? Weather, fear and some very sore legs and shoulders! 

I’ll admit, I didn’t train quite as much as I should have done for this and that was a product of trying to do too much in a short space of time. Weather can’t be helped, but strong winds and constant rain didn’t seem like a recipe for a successful ride. And fear? I forgot how paralysing my fear of descending could be! 

So I didn’t reach the height of Everest, but I’m still proud of what I did climb. According to Wikipedia, the common definition of a mountain is a summit with 980 feet prominence – that means I climbed just over 20 mountains in just 4 days of riding and loved every single climb.

For me, climbing is what I love the most about cycling. On this trip I thought back to my first outings on the bike and how I would walk up most inclines. I’d look down at my legs still spinning up the slope and smile, realising I am stronger than I’ve ever been and my grit and determination come into their own with not stopping up even the longest climb.

So no, I didn’t manage the height of Everest but I did remember why I love to cycle uphill, and I’d say that’s worth smiling about! 

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