Double Whammy June!

It’s been a while since I posted an update – the double whammy challenges in June have taken up a lot of time!

The challenges were worlds apart – the first was Dragon Ride in the Brecon Beacons. It was supposed to be my biggest ride to date, covering some 140-miles. But once again, weather stopped play! Gale force winds, a large dumping of rain and a terrifying first descent where I got blown about had me nearly in tears by the bottom and a firm decision to play it safe and just do the 96-miler. Part of me was rather glad to not have to face an extra 44-miles in that weather, but part of me would love to go back to the Brecons and take on some of the climbs! They were beautiful – long and steady for the most part (and protected from the wind) with the odd steep part to kick you out of the saddle to dance your way up.

A weekend later, and with my family there to cheer me on it was time for my very first Triathlon at Windsor. I’d received all the tips I needed for a good transition layout and felt strangely calm about completing it! The swim didn’t quite go to plan, I struggled to get into any sort of rhythm on my front crawl so did breaststroke the whole way. The bike leg was incredible, I was flying! I managed to average over 18mph (unheard of from my little legs!) with no drafting and just under my own steam. The run was equally fun, not my fastest 10km run but still great to see so many people taking part and cheering others on. Shattered, sweaty, smiling I crossed the finish line in a time of 3:01:57.

The triathlon has been my favourite event so far this year. I felt strong and powerful throughout the course and it was just so much fun – an incredibly welcoming and friendly community, keen for everyone to give their multi-sport a go. I’ve had so much advice and support to get there, that it’s re-ignited my running, spurred on the organisation for my Challenge Seeker IronMan (more posts to follow on that!) and got me excitedly researching new triathlons for next year!

It’s been a busy month but a brilliant way to mark the halfway point on my 12 Challenges in 12 Months. Dunwich Dynamo is up this weekend (a change of plan from the original July challenge) wish me luck and a clear night sky to guide us on our way!

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