January’s Challenge – 30 day core challenge consisting of Planking, Russian Twists and Mountain Climbers throughout January


February’s Challenge – Running 100 miles in a month, completed through solo runs in the snow and the city, runs with friends and lots of hockey training and winning matches!


March’s Challenge – Attempting to climb the height of Everest while in Majorca. I didn’t quite get there. A fear of descending and a day rained off didn’t make for the best attempt at this. But I did have fun and I did LOVE climbing those goddamn mountains!!!


April’s Challenge – Attempting to cycle home, covering 250 miles in 2 days from London to Leyland. Day 1 was a slog. The less said there the better. Day 2 was a huge improvement with better fuelling and lots of smiles, until the torrential rain froze my hands about 25 miles from home!


May’s Challenge – My furthest swim in open water at 3.8km! A rainy and grey day at Salford Quays, but after 1:45 in the water, I emerged triumphant and so SO pleased.


June’s Challenge – A double whammy this month! The first was Dragon Ride, a 96 mile ride through the Brecon Beacons. I had intended to complete a 142 mile ride but some terrible weather put stopper to that. The second was an Olympic distance triathlon at Windsor which was incredible!


July’s Challenge – Number 8 of the year and my first ever attempt at riding through the night as part of the Dunwich Dynamo! A 110-mile bike ride from Hackney in East London out to Dunwich on the Sussex Coast


August’s Challenge – My first big running event of the year was the Reykjavic Marathon. 26.2 miles in glorious sunshine, excellent company, beautiful scenery and some tired and sore muscles afterwards. It was most certainly a marathon, but I couldn’t resist the sprint finish!


September’s Challenge – Organising and completing my very own IronMan! Swimming, biking and running my way for 15 hours and 50 minutes to become an Iron Woman!

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