January’s Challenge – 30 day core challenge consisting of Planking, Russian Twists and Mountain Climbers throughout January


February’s Challenge – Running 100 miles in a month, completed through solo runs in the snow and the city, runs with friends and lots of hockey training and winning matches!


March’s Challenge – Attempting to climb the height of Everest while in Majorca. I didn’t quite get there. A fear of descending and a day rained off didn’t make for the best attempt at this. But I did have fun and I did LOVE climbing those goddamn mountains!!!


April’s Challenge – Attempting to cycle home, covering 250 miles in 2 days from London to Leyland. Day 1 was a slog. The less said there the better. Day 2 was a huge improvement with better fuelling and lots of smiles, until the torrential rain froze my hands about 25 miles from home!


May’s Challenge – My furthest swim in open water at 3.8km! A rainy and grey day at Salford Quays, but after 1:45 in the water, I emerged triumphant and so SO pleased.


June’s Challenge – A double whammy this month! The first was Dragon Ride, a 96 mile ride through the Brecon Beacons. I had intended to complete a 142 mile ride but some terrible weather put stopper to that. The second was an Olympic distance triathlon at Windsor which was incredible!

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